Who we are at CareersHub

Intrigued by our offerings and want to know more about us? Keep reading and you’ll know about our great mission and vision!

CareersHub Bangladesh is a leading training, business and technology consulting company. We have been providing a wide variety of innovative and creative consulting services for our customers. Our approach is simple but effective and it is to work hand in hand with our clients using a pragmatic approach to resolve the problems. We achieve our exceptional results through transparency and teamwork ultimately leading to a successful delivery of in your organization. We can help you to identify the right career, Organizational Development, Improve business operations and Technology roadmap.

Our mission

CareersHub is to provide an extra ordinary service and to contribute to the continuous growth of the personal and professional life for the individual and the organization through the execution of vigorous, fair, and high-quality consulting and education based on clear leadership and creative teamwork.

Our vision

Our Vision is to inspire, motivate and lead individuals, teams, and businesses who are looking to discover the best course of action in life so that they can provide exceptional value to their customers and employees through the adoption of a “culture of service” mindset.

Our culture

We have developed our brilliant team of designers, developers, and marketers to flourish in making the future leaders. We encourage personal projects for getting trendy arts and to continuously progress with the innovative world. We value the innovative ideas and work in a dynamic lifestyle. Thus we are passionate towards uplifting new opportunities for the country. And we always prioritize to work in a friendly environment where time off and interaction with our team helps us to be together and to learn new stuffs.

Capacity & Training Scenario

  • Total number of Trained participants till date : 7000+
  • Number of equipped computer Lab : 2
  • Number of theory classroom : 3
  • Number of Trainer : 10 (In house)

Office & Training Space

9,500 Sft with 50 students capacity per shift (Air Conditioned)Total number of employees (35) including Trainers (10), Counselors (10), Customer Relationship Management (3), Web Developers (2), Graphic Designers (2), Business Developers (2), HR & Admins (1), Finance & Accounts (2), Support Staffs for Security and Cleanliness (3)
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