Certified Human Resource Management Professional

A globally recognized industry endorsed human resource certification program

ISO 9001-2008 validated


Certified Human Resource Management Professional (CHRMP) is a globally recognized competency-based certification program. The program is specially catered for those professionals who wish to build or further their career in Human Resources. The course has been formulated to develop highly skilled, knowledgeable and reliable HR professionals. The CHRMP program upholds the well-practiced industry standards where the candidates are instilled with practical knowledge of the HR domain.

The professionals trained in the CHRMP course are equipped with skills to handle critical HR situations. CHRMP is a comprehensive application-based program that has been developed with a job-oriented mission. As a result, the students learn practical, work-specific knowledge that is implementable.

Why You Need CHRMP?

There are several HR programs and even MBA in HR courses. Why should you opt for the CHRMP course instead of a traditional MBA in HR? Well, the answer to the question can be understood in the following parts:

  • Competency-based certification course
  • Takes less time to complete the program but learning opportunity is huge
  • CHRMP course offers skill-based practical knowledge of the HR domain
  • ISO certified & recognized in more than 190 countries
  • CHRMP course has been specially designed to prepare HR professionals who can fulfill HR management requirements
  • The candidates trained in the CHRMP course become familiar with the vastness of HRM.

CHRMP is a course that has been designed to keep up with the changing norms and scenarios of the HRM in a variety of companies and industries. Candidates who have completed the CHRMP courses are in high demand among the enterprises that are looking for HR professionals who have practical industry-based knowledge.

What CHRMP Courses Entails

CHRMP offers the conceptual framework of the HRM while training the HR students in the following:

  • Interactive session
  • Group discussions
  • Simulation
  • Case studies
  • Classroom projects

All these are conducted by HR professionals who have robust and practical experience in the industry.

We ensure that during the training, there are HR subject specialists tutors who provide an overall idea of the HTM. The combination warrants that the students receive the highest and comprehensive level of professional training in HR.

CHRMP Courses

There are several levels of CHRMP courses for professionals. You can select the course based on your profile and experience. In case you are unsure about which course you should opt to contact us, and we will guide you.

It Is Good Time For CHRMP

Not very long ago, Human Resource professionals of an enterprise were part of another management team. But with the development of various industries, maintenance of industry standards, policies, acquisition of talent, workforce assessment and maintaining the status-quo and relationship between the management and the employees the role of HR has become more complex. As a result of this, Human Resource Management has become a separate entity in the industries.

Companies are now looking for trained and certified HR professionals, who have the skills beyond maintaining the statutory compliances, attendance and leave log and such basic functions. HR of a company is now required to perform more critical functions that include strategies and training to develop employee skills, analyzing and mapping competency, ways to enhance productivity, boost the morale of the employees while keeping the management happy with cost management and the consumers satisfied with quality assurance.

HR has now become a skill-based profession, where it is mandatory that they have the problem-solving capacity. They are the team that helps in bridging the gap between the management and the employee to form a cohesive unit for the smooth functioning of an enterprise.

CHRMP courses train a candidate in all these sectors, hence by the time you receive your certification, you are well equipped and skilled to handle the industry pressure.

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Courses at a Glance

Based on a participant’s profile, different levels of CHRMP Certification are available. You can compare them to find out the most suitable one for you. You may also talk to us for further assistance.

Levels Duration Fees & Payments Class Delivery Action
FOUNDATION 2 Months Fees:27,500 BDT (Include exam cost) Classes: 8 Classes +
Online Certification Exam,under Pearson Vue
FELLOWSHIP 6 Months Fees: 49,500 BDT (Include exam cost) Classes: 20 Classes +
Online Certification Exam,under Pearson Vue
Self paced program
2 Months Fees: 25,500 BDT (Include exam cost) N/A

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Why Get CHRMP Certification?

There are several reasons that you should get CHRMP certification.  The factors that can help you in deciding why you should enroll in this HR certification.

  • With CHRMP certification instead of being a supporting professional in an enterprise, you can be a transformational employee and leader.
  • CHRMP certification is a competency-based process
  • It is a globally recognised certification
  • The certification is developed to ensure the HR professional has the competence, knowledge and skill in the field.
  • CHRMP certification, which includes its content, system and course is validated by ISO 9001:2008.

Who Can Opt For CHRMP?

Learn about how this certification will benefit you

Fresh Graduates
This course is the best way to start your career in the world of HRM.
Switching to HR
People from other fields can switch to the HR industry with this curse.
HR Professionals
Explore and learn the vast domain of HRM with this certification course.
Employer/HR Manager
To learn the HRM industry norms and best practices and to develop them within your enterprise, this course is the best.

Our Facilities

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Classes & Lecturers

Our faculty members have years of professional and academic experience. Our Post-graduation classes are held exclusively on Fridays and Saturdays
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Course Materials

Our course materials have been designed and reviewed by both Melbourne Metropolitan College authority and external industry experts. We provide course materials to our students.

Semesters & Exams

The PGD Course is of 5 Months. The students are assessed by comprehensive Final-Term exams. A total Number of 20 Classes are to be taken during this period.
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Class Monitoring

We regularly collect feedback from students & seat with an individual student. We also frequently update the course curriculum to coup up with the latest technology.
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Admission Eligibility

Minimum bachelor’s degree (or equivalent qualification) is required. Applicants are expected to have language proficiency as exams are conducted in ‘English’.
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Fees & Payments

Depends on the level of the certification as we offer 3 levels of CHRMP certification