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The evolution of HR

With the economy being globalised, the employment markets have experienced substantial changes which include the world of human resource management as being a transformational domain moving away from its auxiliary character.

HRM which once used to deal with statutory compliances, attendance/leave, and other employee functions has now been a vital part of the workforce incorporating critical tasks like assessment, learning, and development; talent acquisition and management; compensation strategies, competency mapping and performance management; organisational development and employee engagement, etc.

So, HR professionals these days have to be efficient in problem-solving and dealing with situations like absenteeism, attrition, productivity enhancement, cost management, project management, and quality assurance in organisational activities. Eventually, the static domain of HRM which emerged as a skill-based profession has now become competency based work processes.

Advantages of the CHRMP

Changes in the employment avenues are compelling enough to demand that the conventional academic education systems work past beyond their insufficiency to satisfy the industry’s growing needs. The CHRMP certification imparts pragmatic and proven workplace solutions instead of bookish wisdom and helps certified professionals prepare constructively to meet present-day requirements while attaining HR competencies quite comprehensively and to become well aware of HRM to its vast entirety

CHRMP Courses Explained

More than conceptual, CHRMP courses involve interactive sessions, group discussions, simulations, case studies, and classroom projects; all conducted by HR industry professionals with practical insights and experiences. Bringing HR generalists and subject matter experts together, we ensure that you receive the highest level of professional education. The same is true about the certification that meets the highest standards of the era.

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Courses at a Glance

Based on a participant’s profile, different levels of CHRMP Certification are available. You can compare them to find out the most suitable one for you. You may also talk to us for further assistance.

Duration    2 Months

Online Course

Classes:12 Online Sessions
+Certification Exam

Offline Course

Classes:8 Classes + Certification Exam

Location: Level:3, House:71, Block:C, Road:4, Banani, Dhaka-1213

Duration    5 Months

Online Course

Currently Not Available

Offline Course

Classes:20 Classes
+Exam Fee Exemption for All

Location: Level:3, House:71, Block:C, Road:4, Banani, Dhaka-1213

Duration    2 Months

Online Course

Classes:12 Online Session
+Certification Exam

Offline Course

Currently Not Available

Location: Level:3, House:71, Block:C, Road:4, Banani, Dhaka-1213

Currently we are not offering this service

Why Get CHRMP Certification?

Here’re a few reasons to clarify why an HR certification and particularly the CHRMP certification is what you should obtain.

  • The CHRMP certificate paves your way to being a transformational professional rather than an auxiliary.
  • It’s a sum of competency based processes.
  • The certification is globally recognized.
  • The certification bears the testimony to one’s competence, knowledge, and skill in HR fields.
  • All content, systems, and processes in the CHRMP certification are validated by ISO 9001:2008.

Benefits of Certification

Learn about how this certification will benefit you.

This certification opens the door to the HRM world for fresh candidates. Learn more!

It facilitates the transition into the HR industry for people in other fields. Learn more!

This certification allows HR employees to explore the entirety of HRM. Learn more!

It lets employers / HR manager ensure the up-to-the-minute practices within the organisation. Learn more!