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At present, the demand for digital marketing as a career, profession or as a freelancer can be said to be skyrocketing. The demand for digital marketing is constantly increasing day by day in Bangladeshi companies. Digital marketing is basically the marketing of any product or service online using digital media and digital technology. Digital marketing is the promotion of a product or service based on the Internet.

You may be surprised to know that currently, 84% of marketers collect information from social media to sell their products. 55% of buyers rely on social media to purchase products. 43% of e-commerce crawlers come to the website by searching directly on Google. 51% of buyers buy their products online through mobile phones. Before buying a product, 80% of buyers verify that product online. In the case of online marketing, 72% of buyers want to talk to the seller in a live chat within 5 minutes. So now is the time to think about digital marketing. The importance of digital marketing is immense to improve your product and spread it among everyone.


  • Who wants to learn from scratch and become a professional Digital Marketer
  • Who wants to start a professional or freelance career in Digital Marketing
  • Who wants to be a skilled Digital Marketing 


Class 1-4 : Facebook Marketing:

  • Business Page open , Facebook group Open
    • Facebook Ad Strategy for Ad planning
    • Targeted Audience & Pixel Setup
    • Google Tag Manager
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Remarketing
    • Different Types of Ads and Strategy behind different Ad sets
    • Instant Experience add

Class 5 : Messenger Bot

Class 6-7 : YouTube Marketing

  • Niche & Content Ideas
  • Creating YouTube Channel From Scratch
  • Video Equipment & Learning
  • Uploading Your Videos & Optimization

Class 8: Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest Marketing

Class 9: LinkedIn Marketing

  • Niche & Content Ideas
  • Creating YouTube Channel From Scratch
  • Video Equipment & Learning
  • Uploading Your Videos & Optimization

Class 10: Freelancing


  • Basic knowledge of computer operation
  • Basic English knowledge


  • We provide certificate under CareersHub Bangladesh

Our Industry Connections-

  • We have collaboration with the following Institutes and companies in Australia may will have the opportunities to work with them
    • MMC
    • GWH
    • Digital Entrepreneurs HUB
    • Institute of Digital Musk

We are highly connected with the local companies in Bangladesh and we may help you to get the internship or job

Our Support systems:

  • We accommodate our student in Facebook group “Career with CareersHub
  • We provide dedicated job placement support for our students.
  • We provide dedicated 12 months’ studentship support
  • We assist in Internship and Job placement opportunities to our known channels
  • Opportunities to join our 6 weeks free class with Hemi Hossain (Managing Director of CHUB)
  • COURSE DURATION: 1.5 month
  • TOTAL CLASS: 14  classes

Courses will be held on Zoom. Only enrollers can see the detailed course contents & Zoom link.

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