Become Fully Certified In Digital Marketing By Mastering Social Media - Such As LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, SEO, Google Adwords, and Messanger Bot

You Will Get Non Accredited Certificaction From A Registered Training Organisation(RTO)


Hemi Hossain Is One Of The Leading Entrepreneur And Success Coach For Digital Entrepreneurs!

[Best Business Award In Melbourne, 2018]
[Young Entrepreneur Of Year In Bangladesh, 2017]
Grow on your journey to Digital Entrepreneurship with leading success coach.


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Receive My 9 ‘P’ Formula

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I Will Show You The Step By Step Process To Become A Digital Entrepreneurs So

That You Can Leave Your Job In The Next 120 Days.

What You Will Get In
120 Days to Become a Digital Marketing Program

1. 1 on 1 Assessment
2. 2 days Intensive Business Mastery workshop
3. 9P Strategies to become a Digital Entrepreneur
4. 2 Group Coaching calls
5. 4 Months of Exclusive, Practical Digital Marketing Training
6. 1 Exclusive World Class Marketing Workshop with Hemi
7. 1 Day Sales and Leadership Workshop with Hemi
8. Hands on Training to become Freelancer/Entrepreneur
9. Opportunity to connect with the Global Employers to get Digital work
Opportunity to work with us




What we will Teach in
Four Months Practical Training

Content Writing
Email Marketing
Display Retargeting
Text Funnel
Google Adwords
Social Media
Content Creation
Automated Sales Funnel
Integration Messenger Bot

Frequently Asked Questions

Hemi Hossain is donating his valuable time to help you realise your vision of digital entrepreneurship and see it flourish in as little as 120 days step by step, move by move.This training has 2 parts- Hands on Digital Marketing training and business strategy training.

The program is not just someone talking to you about fluffy strategies. You will be learnt practical, hands-on strategies and techniques.

This is a life changing program which is being offered in the industry, where you will be shown how to fast-track the skills and results you need to become a multi-million dollar business—way ahead of your competitors.

Who is this Program for?

Those who:
Looking to quit their job and replace their income

Want to be a digital entrepreneur/marketer

Want to learn the world class marketing that the top coaches & co nsultants are using

Work as a freelancer

Looking for financial freedom

Looking for time freedom

Want to work in a Digital Agency

Looking to quit their job and replace their income

Meet the Lead Designer


Hemi Hossain

Best Business Award, 2018
Young Entrepreneur of Year, 2017

Hemi Hossain is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, business strategist, and a certified digital entrepreneur and life coach with extensive and robust knowledge about the industry. Hemi Hossain worked in the top leadership role in the technology domain during his 17 years of career. Hemi has over the years received multiple awards for his work as a coach and entrepreneur. Being a South-Asian immigrant from Bangladesh who struggled to make his own position in Australia and ultimately nailed success with multiple businesses, he is ready to share his knowledge, experience, insights and business techniques with you.



Best Business Award in 2018,
by Small Business Victoria


Best Young Entrepreneur 2017,
by OrthaKantha Bangladesh


Client Feedback

What Others are Saying


Paul Lawson

The benefits I received from Hemi’s coaching in personal and business are immeasurable. The techniques he introduced to me to run a successful business and how to deal with any issues I encountered are immensely useful.

Gina Bianchi

Hemi listens to you carefully and then gives you the tools that you would need to be successful in your journey to be an entrepreneur. I have learned a lot as a would-be entrepreneur from Hemi Hossain.

Priscilla Jones

Hemi is an immensely talented, natural coach who focuses on finding a career as an entrepreneur that capitalized on my strengths and passion.

Ming Wang

I have been an entrepreneur for five years but was not succeeding. Getting Hemi as my business coach changed it all, his approach is different. He takes all the goals of my life into account and then helps me to make the best decision.

K.L. Swamy

By joining Hemi’s workshop and then training program I was able to gain experience in digital marketing and exposure as to how to become a digital entrepreneur.

Jennifer Abedin

Hemi focuses on values and discipline more than anything. To me, he is more specific and accurate and on point to the need. My purpose to join the session was to know and find myself, which I was able to do. Thank you.

Nina Trang

I recently had the opportunity to attend GWH workshop. In a few hours time, Hemi skimmed through multiple facets of digital marketing but all in plain English, without the jargons. It was enlightening and the reason I decided to join his program that changed my life for better.


I spoke with a few people whose lives were changed by Hemi. His coaching style and analysing skills played a strong role in my professional and personal growth.

YES! I Am Ready To Become A Digital Entrepreneur