Quality of life depends
upon the choice of words

Be precious, be learned!

Quality of life depends upon the choice of words

Be precious, be learned!

Meet Your Mentors


I'm Dozra Haque
(IELTS Co-Ordinator)

I’m a business graduate from Bangladesh University of Professionals, and a language enthusiast! Professionally I am an IELTS instructor, and I have been teaching for three years now. I specialize in Business English. If you need to interact with international colleagues and customers, attend meetings and presentations in English, or even if you worry about the looks of your email, I can definitely guide you! Throughout my journey with English, Arabic and French language , I have realized that without enjoying the process it is quite impossible to be fluent in a language. Let’s be real ,and achieve what really matters to you.

Enjoy the process

We simply can not emphasize more on the importance of being fluent in English for the purpose of interacting with our clients.Due to high work pressure and little time to study, you need to be quite strategic while trying to have a better grasp on English language. The only way out is to have a better idea on the overall learning process that this course will surely provide you.

What this course has to offer you

While learning a language, being realistic is important. Through an assessment and review process this course will meet your achievable goal. No doubt, you will see improvement in no time.

Course Details

Each class will be conducted through ZOOM online platform

Our Enthusiastic Counsellors

CareersHub Bangladesh is a leading training, business and technology consulting company. We have been providing a wide variety of innovative and creative consulting services for our customers. Our approach is simple but effective, and it is to work hand in hand with our clients using a pragmatic approach to resolve the problems.

Md. Nasir Hossain

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