Your Design,Your Brand,
Your Passive Income

Sell Your Art With Print-On-Demand

Your Design, Your Brand,
Your Passive Income

Sell Your Art With Print-On-Demand

Meet Your Mentors


I’m Riyad Arefin Rigan
(POD Specialist)

Throughout our life, We have less or more interests in art. We take this as our passion. Why don’t we make it a source of passive income? In today’s digital marketplace, the demand for custom made designs is very high. Once this print on demand profession was my passive income way, but right now it’s my primary income source. I turned my passion into profession. Now it’s your time to grab the chance!!!! I assure you that you will learn something amazing


Mazharul Islam
(Graphics Designer)

I had faced many obstacles in my life, never got a chance to think about my career goals, and I was lost! Finally, I start focusing on what I need to do and now achieving my desired goal convert with some success number. Being a successful graphic designer, I learned to grab any opportunity that can help me to build my real identity. Here I start my journey; now it’s your turn!

Get A Grip On
Print On Demand

Print-on-demand  is a unique way to jump on ship in the world of online business. You can create and sell your own designs with low costs and minimal risk factors. You can Save your valuable time and have some fun by creating your own custom products. So, just go for it and make your life easier!

What You Will Learn
From This Program?

Think outside of the box and choose a personalized product that will make your inventory sell instantly! How Much Money Can You Make with a POD store?Honestly, there’s no limit to what you can make selling your custom designs. It all depends on how well you do it. So, warm up your skill from our specialist right now.

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Each class will be conducted through ZOOM online platform

Take your chance and make a massive success inside the business platform

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Print on Demand, Graphics Design, Freelancing

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