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Sole Distributor of Bangladesh (Qlik & Secure Mi)

Driving competitive edge comes from making new discoveries in every area of your business. But that only works if analytics are everywhere, too. Want all the value from your data? Give everyone on your workforce access to it. Other solutions don’t handle data management, but Qlik is with you every step of the way.

Building on our one-of-a-kind Associative Indexing technology, which maps all the relationships within your data, Qlik automatically finds and highlights insights for users to explore. We call it Associative Indexing (x) Augmented Intelligence = AI2. You call it exponentially more brainpower. It helps you understand more of your organization – so you can drive the transformation that drives leadership.


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Comprehensive, sophisticated, highly integrated and content-aware Data Leakage Prevention solution to prevent data leakage due to insider threats and unseen malicious software. Effective software technology tool to enforce compliance with the organization’s data security policies.

  • Protect your confidential and sensitive data from leakages
  • Provides insight into the use of content within your enterprise
  • Improves your ability to classify and manage content
  • Provides complete coverage across your network, storage repositories and endpoints
  • Has Content Awareness capability


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